Sustainability Services

Business Development

Generating value by capturing sustainability opportunities through sustainability services. EANDO are experts on conversion to circular economy, modelling of new business and securing return on investments.

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Data & Analytics

By ensuring easily accessible and qualitative data, calculation and analysis can enable decision-making, compatibility and efficiency. LCA & EPD are common deliveries of our sustainability services.

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Rapportering & Standarder

Att vara förenlig med standarder/certifieringar, samt deklarera viktig organisationsinformation för intressenter är nödvändigt för att uppnå ett bra rykte. EANDO har kunskapen att vägleda dig genom vad du ska fokusera på och inte.

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Business Development

Business Driven Sustainability

We can all agree that sustainability is an important part of future business. But it will not be a successful long-term strategy if we do not adopt it from a business point of view. Let us together develop sustainability from just being a guiding vision to a profitable business strategy. That is why EANDO offers a wide range of sustainability services.


Innovation through sustainability and circularity
Development of circular business models
Perform market, gap & stakeholder analysis of strategic importance
Ensure future compatibility
Increase growth through sustainability
Strategic objectives & key performance index
Achieve desirable positioning and leadership

Assessment of companies’ sustainability performance

Perform current situation and risk analysis of companies
Expert advice in sustainability when acquiring companies



If you are in need of one of our services or want guidance in your sustainable development, do not hesitate to contact us.

Data & Analytics

Driven by Data

We do not believe in guessing or old truths, which our sustainability services reveals. We are driven by data, facts and the ability to generate business value. EANDO has the ability to take care of your sustainability portfolio, from company to product level. We make sustainability easy and profitable.


Calculation of emissions and impacts:
Carbon Footprint Standard
Environmental product declaration (EPD)
Life cycle assessment (LCA)
Life cycle cost (LCC)
Life Cycle Inventory (LCI)
Product Portfolio Management
Product Environmental Footprint (PEF)

Development of digital solutions for sustainability applications:
Use of AI
Management of big data
Creation of statistics
Designing tools: software solutions and web applications
Develop EPD-generators
Embracing Green Tech

If you are in need of one of our services or want guidance in your sustainable development, do not hesitate to contact us.

Reporting & Standards

Sustainabilty reporting & Standards

Being compatible with standards or certifications, and disclosure important information to stakeholders, is all necessary to earn a good reputation. To follow standards and accomplish certifications can for example meet procurement requirements. And to disclose and communicate goals and progress made regarding environmental, social and governence aspects is of high importance concering accountability, and not to be forgotten is the marketing value achieved towards stakeholders. EANDO has the ability to navigate you through what to focus on and not, and we can perform what needs to be done to reach the highest possible value by taking responsibility.

Our way of working

1. Market analysis

It is necessary to understand the scope of the market, its conditions and what driving forces prevail. For example. Does your market value sustainability? What ceritification systems are relevant?


2. Situation analysis

In order to be able to identify potential gaps due to market movements or sustainability opportunities, the situation must be analyzed. For example. what position do you and your competitors have? What is the product’s climate footprint?

3. Value generation

Based on the analysis performed, value-creating sustainability innovations and activities can be identified, produced through clear business cases. For example. which values should be strengthened and how do you go from the current to the desired position?

4. Implementation

Securing return on investment requires goal-oriented efforts, a balance between the three sustainability aspects and cross-border knowledge between business and sustainability. Value generation through business-driven sustainability.


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