EANDO are invited to hold a Master class on climate calculations prior to the G7 summit

By Mattias Jönsson

7 June, 2021

G7 Summit

At the beginning of the ongoing pandemic, Daniel Olausson left his job as sustainability coordinator at a global building materials producer and founded the sustainability agency EANDO with a former colleague. Now, a year later, Daniel Olausson will hold a Master Class at the Sustainability Growth Conference ahead of the G7 summit in the UK between 11-13 June this summer.

The G7 group consists of the following countries France, Italy, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States. During the meeting, the leaders of each country meet to discuss the development of the world economy, but also climate changes, which is beginning to take an increasing part of the agenda. “It is of great strategic importance that forums, like the G7 summit, dedicate focus to the climate to enable the driving forces required for sustainable companies to be promoted in their markets,” says Mattias Jönsson, Head of Business Development at EANDO.

The increased focus on the climate has led to various Master classes on sustainability at the Sustainability Growth Conference, ahead of the coming G7 summit. Based on his expertise in life cycle assessment, Daniel Olausson has been asked to be responsible for a Master class to explain the value of climate calculation and how a life cycle assessment study is performed. “If you ensure information and prioritize high data quality, reliable climate calculations can be made to enable active sustainability choices,” explains Daniel Olausson.

The content in the Master Class for which EANDO is responsible focuses on the importance of enabling active sustainable choices and ensuring the business value generated by sustainability activities. Among other things, it is exemplified that two seemingly identical products can have large differences in climate impact. Without sufficient information or quality-assured communication, the risk of greenwashing is high, which hampers the pace of innovation and the opportunity to make active sustainable choices.

EANDO is convinced that the right path forward for a sustainable world is based on access to data and the opportunity to make active and sustainable choices. “The common vision for EANDO is to enable sustainable market transformations by ensuring access to climate calculations and business-driven sustainability for all types of operations,” concludes Daniel Olausson.

If you would like to initiate a dialogue with us regarding the topic or would like to take part of the presentation after the master class, please contact us.