Green Tools

Green Tools is an umbrella term for all different digital solutions with the common denominator is that they contribute to more environmentally friendly activities. The Green Tool area covers everything from databases containing climate data to tools that ensure follow-up and analysis and finally the ability to make active choices.

EANDO has deep experience of Green Tools, which refers to the development of software solutions aiming to optimize processes and securing environmental friendly activities, and leading and steering innovation projects towards the most beneficial outcome.

If you have either recently started your transition towards a more sustainable and circular daily operation or have reached a point where you are in need of modern tools to be able to take the next big step – EANDO are specialists in finding and developing solutions that are fit for your organisation and business. Tell us about your challenge and initiate your next sustainable step.


Mattias Jönsson

Head of Business Development

Experienced business developer with deep knowledge within circular economy, strategical marketing and digitalization.


Reference case: Prodikt

EPDs for construction products, indoor and outdoor environment

PRODIKT is a platform that enables active selection of building products and furnitures, where suppliers can demonstrate both the technical performance and sustainability profile of their products. The requirement for publishing products on PRODIKT is an EPD according to ISO 14025.

It is a place where relevant stakeholders can easily select the products that meet their required sustainability profile, and then analyze the impact of the total project.

The platform takes sustainability from something diffuse and hard to measure, to being a clear and fully incorporated part of the decision-making and construction process.



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