Innovation as a Driver

Innovation is what distinguishes the leader from the follower. Throughout history, successful innovations have rewarded companies with growth and high profits, and there is no difference with sustainable innovations. Innovations that do not take into account the dimension of sustainability will not be long lasting or successful.

Sustainable innovations can be defined as the development of new processes, technologies, products or services that either improve the well-being of humans and our planet or do no harm to the environment. Examples of these innovations are new ways of material recycling or a new business model that extends the life of a product.

The workflow for reaching innovations and the final stage of development is highly variable. EANDO works in a structured and goal-oriented manner, regardless of area and level of innovation. Each possibility is analyzed and choices are justified. See our overall approach below, to generate value through innovation and business driven sustainability.

Mattias Jönsson

Head of Business Development

Experienced business developer with deep knowledge within circular economy, strategical marketing and digitalization.


Our way of working

1. Market analysis

It is necessary to understand the scope of the market, its conditions and prevailing driving forces. For example: does your market value sustainability? Which certification systems are relevant?


2. Situation analysis

In order to identify potential gaps due to market movements or sustainability opportunities, the situation must be analyzed. For example: what position do you and your competitors have? What is the product’s climate footprint?

3. Value generation

Based on the analysis performed, value-creating sustainability innovations and activities can be identified, produced through clear business cases. For example: which values should be strengthened? How to go from the current to the desired position?

4. Implementation

Securing return on investment requires goal-oriented efforts, a balance between the three sustainability aspects and cross-border knowledge between business and sustainability. Value generation through business-driven sustainability.


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